Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zoo time

The weather in sunny AZ is about to become very sunny and hot so the boys and I headed to the zoo for what may be the last comfortable day there.  I grabbed the camera and we had fun taking pictures.  Well, at least I did. :-)  Let the adventure begin!

"Strike a pose, there's nothing to it . . ."

Checkin' out the turtles and fish

I would be willing to bet that Aidan was thinking, I wonder if I could fit under here.

Ronan was having fun too!

Watching the bird go for a dip . . .

"I see you!"

We were walking out of the frog exhibit when Jacob ran ahead.  When I walked by this big open window he was standing on the other side with a big huge grin.  It was so cute how proud of himself he was.

Just a big huge stump with two cute boys.

"HHmmm, where should we go first?"

The truth comes out, Ronan was really hatched.

And I made Aidan sit on the egg until it hatched . . . 

My little tractor drivers!

Two cute boys on one big swing!

While we were walking, I turned around to this.  I asked Jacob what he was doing and he told me he was being a turtle!
"Brothers gotta hug!"

My two cuties

Checking out the big fish before we left

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