Monday, August 11, 2008

Cutest Game of Hide and Seek Ever!

The boys love to play hide and seek.  Today while Aunt Lori was here, they over course wanted to play.  It was SO cute.  I love the hiding places Jacob chooses and the way he narrates the game.  For example, below, there is a picture of him hiding under Aidan's crib.  While walking by Aidan's room, Lori will ask, "Are you in here?"  (which I think is cheating, but what are you going to do . . . :-)  )  Jacob will then say, "No, in Jacob's room."  Pretty funny.  Below are a couple pictures of Jacob in hiding.  Make sure you have a few minutes to look close, he is a very good hider and it might take a few minutes to find him.  He could be the next "Where's Waldo".

Friday, August 08, 2008

Skateboarding fools!

The other morning Jacob spotted Daddy's skateboard in the garage and wanted to ride it.  SO, we suited up in our gear and got the board out.  The boys had fun playing around on it and I thought they looked pretty cute in their get up.  I think my favorite part were the gloves that Aidan wore. They actually came with Jacob's stuff, but he didn't want to wear them.  But Aidan did!  Here are some pictures of my skateboarding studs.

Aidan, sporting the gloves, gives the board a try

This idea didn't last long.  I think Jacob bailed first.

So, Jacob may need to work on the balance thing a bit.

One of the cutest boarders out there!

Total concentration.  And better balance while sitting and riding it.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Big Milestones!!

A week ago Monday, so a week and a day ago, the boys, myself and Aunt Lori went out to IKEA to pick up our first Big Boy bed.  (I thank Ben and Melissa Hurst for the suggestion to go to IKEA.)  We have a big list of milestones that I hope to accomplish before #3 arrives, so it was time to cross one off of our list.  Cody and I had gone two weeks ago to look at the bed and Jacob didn't seem real interested.  But that Monday morning, Jacob and I were conversing and I asked him again if he was ready to sleep in a big boy bed.  He answered, ummm, yes!  I took that answer and ran.  We immediately got ready and headed out to buy the bed.  That night Daddy put it together with the "help" of the boys.  There are three lengths the bed adjusts to, the largest being a twin size bed.  Awesome!  Jacob slept the first night in the bed and then had trouble the next nap time and bed time.  (He ended up back in his crib)  So I thought maybe he wasn't ready after all.  But the next day and from then on he's been in his Big Boy Bed!  It took a little adjustment, which I expected.  But overall he has done great.  The funny thing is that he won't get out of it.  When he wakes up he still calls for me to come in and get him.  I am thankful for that, for I have a feeling it will be the opposite with Aidan . . .