Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fun with firsts

We had fun week filled with a few "firsts". Jacob has started to associate objects with actual words. He will now saw "ball" for ball and "cup" for cup. A new favorite activity for Jacob is coloring. I painted a table with chalkboard paint and he loves to color on it. He also had fun coloring pictures of Curious George. At a birthday party on Saturday we discovered that Jacob has a knack for air hockey! There was a mini air hockey table and he somehow knew exactly what to do! It was awesome!

Aidan's first for the week was pulling himself up! I was looking the other way (which, for the record, has been his way of doing everything for the first time - I missed the actual rolling from front to back and from back to front, the pushing himself up to sitting position and now this. Little stinker.) when Jacob pointed and mumbled in Aidans direction. I turned around and there he was, standing at the foot stool. Before I know it, I'm going to turn around and he'll be walking!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Great friends, one great blessing . . .

Last week, our very good friends, Lisa and Jason Miller, welcomed their first baby into their family. Indie Rae joined her parents on Tuesday, August 14th at 5:16pm. She weighed 7.7lbs and was 19 3/4 inches. She's adorable and mom and baby are doing great! We are so happy and excited for Lisa and Jason and can't wait to meet Indie at Christmas time! ( I wish it were sooner though!)
Congratulations to the Miller family!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm a big boy now!

Hey! I'm a big boy now!!!!

I have my third tooth - the upper right finally popped through and the left one is on it's way!

Me and my snaggle tooth

I get to take big boy baths with by brother now too!

I also get to sit in a booster seat at the table with everyone!

Jacob shares his big boy toys with me now, I love the ball popper!

And I can finally join Mama and Jacob on walks or bike rides in the GoBug!
I love being a big boy!

Silly smiles, brotherly love and a little bit of trouble . . .

Jacob has really become quite the "ham" in front of the camera. If I have the camera out, he's smiling. Sometimes he gives the goofiest smiles - it's hilarious!

Jacob has also started to give hugs to his brother - it's adorable and Aidan loves it!

Just for a good laugh . . . Jacob found my lipstick one morning while I was in the shower and left a nice hand print on the drawer. Thank God for Fantastic!