Monday, December 10, 2007

Life is full . . .

We have been so busy the past few weeks. Life has been full of so many wonderful things. Here's the low down from the past few weeks (starting with the most recent):

This past Sunday, we went and picked out our Christmas tree - but haven't decorated it yet!

This past Saturday night we celebrated my mom's 50th birthday party with friends and family - it was a blast! (3rd party in 3 weeks - we are party animals!)
Me, my Mom and my sister, Lorissa

The next batch of pictures are from our fun family tradition where we all go to my parents house and help them decorate their Christmas tree. (Check out my sisters blog, The Knights, for a funny video of Jacob) Jacob had his own interesting way of decorating the tree . . . throwing ornaments!

Hey, check it out!

The art of decorating, performed by Jacob

Aidan decorating the tree

What happens when you ask Cody, Doug and Travis to participate in decorating

This ornament is ready to be hung!

Attempting to take a picture of the gang! Not very easy with the little ones, but always entertaining!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Big 0-1!!

Happy First Birthday Aidan!!
Last night we had family over to help us celebrate Aidan's very first birthday. I cannot believe that it has been one whole year since his arrival. He rang in his birthday by really starting to take multiple steps all on his own - without me setting him up to do so - he will just turn and go! Aidan still hasn't said any other words, other than "ball". Each time I ask him to say "mama", he just looks at me and laughs . . . .oh well. His party was fun and he received a ton of great gifts! However, my poor little man partied a little too much and when he was enjoying his cake, he well, lets just say it all came back up. I felt so bad! No worries, I do not have pictures of it. (We do have video and are thinking of sending it into America's Funniest Home Videos . . . he was making some great faces before the incident and then whammo . . .does that make me a bad mom, hoping to gain a few extra $ through the misfortune of my little one?) At any rate, he woke up this morning doing great, which I was thankful for. Here are some pictures of the big day.
(I apologize for not having many pictures with other people in it - I did a bad job this time around of getting pictures with multiple people in them. Sorry!)

Aidan's Cake (we had a bigger one for all of the family)

What a good little man, offering to share his pizza with his Auntie Tiffany

Aidan decided on his own that it was time to open presents . . .

And was not happy when I started to move them

He rebounded quickly and was up and on his way

The boys loved the gift from Aunt Lori and Uncle Less

I have been waiting patiently for my cake, now bring it on!

This is what I'm talking about!

Wow, it's got some kick!

Oh yeah, this is awesome!

OK, I'm not feeling so good . . .

But I feel great today!

So good, I think I will try out my new Bounce and Spin Zebra that Mama and Dada gave me!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Jacob!!!

On Thursday, November 15, our oldest son Jacob turned 2! I really can't believe that it has been two years since his birth. He is an amazing little man and we can't imagine life without him!
Jacob has had quite the birthday celebration - starting on Thursday morning with yummy birthday donuts and birthday presents from mama and dada. Then Grammie and Papa stopped by and had birthday cake with us that night. The big finale was on Saturday afternoon when we had friends and family over for his birthday party. We were very excited to have a bunch of little friends come as well as all of our family. Jacob is very lucky to be loved by so many people!
November 15, 2007

Opening his presents from mama and dada - a GeoTrax train set, which I think mama and dada have more fun with!

Aidan enjoying his donut and watching Jacob open his gifts

So excited about birthday cake!!

Not so sure about blowing out the candles . . .

A very serious taste tester . . .

A little more fun when Papa does it!

November 17, 2007

Waiting for the party to begin

Chowin' down on some pizza!
Justin, Keaton and Jacob

Part of the party crew - there were more inside!

Jacob's favorite pastime - baseball

Aidan is having a blast with all of the big boys! He likes to party!
Aidan and Lucas

Keaton helps Justin out with a little push

Birthday presents!! Most of which Jacob had no desire to open himself. It was a good thing we had lots of little hands to help!
Jacob, Aidan and Justin
This party animal has had enough!

Birthday cake time!! Clearly mama does not have a career in cake decorating in her future . . .

Blowin' out the candles.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

We had a really great time Trick or Treating last night. The boys seemed to enjoy dressing up, although I'm sure they had no clue why. Jacob went as a little puppy and Aidan wore the Tigger costume. We brought along the walker toy for Aidan to push up to the houses, however Jacob kind of took it over. Reminiscing from his time trick or treating last year I guess. Aidan didn't really mind - he'd just as soon crawl. We hit four houses last night: Grandpa and Farmors, Nan's, Grammie and Papa's and finally Aunt Lori and Uncle Les' house. Thank you for all of the goodies!!

All set to go!

Our cute little puppy dog

Walking up to Grandpa and Farmor's with Grandpas help

Tigger and Puppy with Grandpa and Farmor

Trick or treating at Nan's house was next!

Aidan digs in to find all of the goodies!

Walking up to Grammie and Papa's house

Checking out the pumpkins we carved

Grammie, Tigger, Puppy, and Papa

Silly picture with Aunt Riss and Uncle Doug - I can't believe we actually got a picture with Aidan sticking his tongue out - pretty much a coincidence!

Finally at Aunt Lori and Uncle Les' - who all will be there?

Mmmm, forget the candy, Aunt Lori made yummy cupcakes!
(Aidan plotting and executing a yank on Jacob's hair - just a time to get back at his big brother for all of the dog piling and "love taps"
Hey, Uncle Travis was there!

This is Aidan flirting with Luke's girlfriend, Andrea - honestly, she is the only one I have ever seen him flirt with that way - it's adorable to watch the entire thing.

Uncle Les, Josh, Puppy, Aunt Lori, Luke, Andrea and Tigger (ready to go home!)