Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

We had a really great time Trick or Treating last night. The boys seemed to enjoy dressing up, although I'm sure they had no clue why. Jacob went as a little puppy and Aidan wore the Tigger costume. We brought along the walker toy for Aidan to push up to the houses, however Jacob kind of took it over. Reminiscing from his time trick or treating last year I guess. Aidan didn't really mind - he'd just as soon crawl. We hit four houses last night: Grandpa and Farmors, Nan's, Grammie and Papa's and finally Aunt Lori and Uncle Les' house. Thank you for all of the goodies!!

All set to go!

Our cute little puppy dog

Walking up to Grandpa and Farmor's with Grandpas help

Tigger and Puppy with Grandpa and Farmor

Trick or treating at Nan's house was next!

Aidan digs in to find all of the goodies!

Walking up to Grammie and Papa's house

Checking out the pumpkins we carved

Grammie, Tigger, Puppy, and Papa

Silly picture with Aunt Riss and Uncle Doug - I can't believe we actually got a picture with Aidan sticking his tongue out - pretty much a coincidence!

Finally at Aunt Lori and Uncle Les' - who all will be there?

Mmmm, forget the candy, Aunt Lori made yummy cupcakes!
(Aidan plotting and executing a yank on Jacob's hair - just a time to get back at his big brother for all of the dog piling and "love taps"
Hey, Uncle Travis was there!

This is Aidan flirting with Luke's girlfriend, Andrea - honestly, she is the only one I have ever seen him flirt with that way - it's adorable to watch the entire thing.

Uncle Les, Josh, Puppy, Aunt Lori, Luke, Andrea and Tigger (ready to go home!)


The Becker Bunch said...

What a fun Halloween! Your kiddos looked absolutely adorable. WOW, 4 houses is the way to do it!! Get it all done and see the important people!! How fun!

The Ulrickson Fam said...

Love those cute Thomas boys! So funny to see Aidan with the walker- totally Jacob last year! Glad you guys had such a great time with family.

Knights said...

So cute! They are adorable :-) I love the tongue picture - that was perfect timing!

Mark said...

Cute pics, the boys were fantastic. Glad you guys had a great time!