Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Traditions

For past few years, we've gone over to my parents house to carve pumpkins. This year was especially fun because the boys were in to it. We played outside, ate dinner and carved pumpkins.

Jacob and his buddy "Pig Pen"

Jacob sporting his pumpkin carving garb, a Jack O' Lantern shirt

Aidan showing off his Skeleton shirt - which glows in the dark . . .ooohhh!

The boys with their pumpkins

Jacob is excited thinking about what to carve

Aidan decides to take a bite . . .not such a great choice

Whoa! It's gotta a little, something!

"Please, no more photos, no more photos. Just leave me and my seed alone."

Aidan still hasn't learned and continues to try different parts of the pumpkin.

Maybe if I take a bite out of the big part it will be better!

Uncle Doug and Uncle Travis working on a crossword puzzle . . .are we 80?

Jacob scoops out the insides

Aidan finds something truly edible, Cheerios! Thanks Aunt Riss!
Jacob and Papa start carving!

Inspecting the finished product

Aidan inspects his pumpkin

The whole gang


The Becker Bunch said...

Ahhhhhhhh, so fun!! I love great traditions like that!! Your family is the best!! Looks like everyone had a great time!! I too have a pumpkin taster...oh well, could be worse, right??:)

Knights said...

That was a fun night! I love our family traditions :-)