Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Great times, great friends, great kids

Last week our great friends, Matt, Amy and Heidi were in town for a wedding. We always love when they come to visit and feel so blessed for the amount of time we get to be with them. At this point in life, they live in Boston while Matt finishes his residency. They will probably be there for a few more years, after which we are hoping they will be coming back home to AZ! (But not thinking about it or hoping too much - wink wink) Anyway, on Friday, the whole gang - the boys, Cody and myself, Uncle Travis, Matt, Amy, Heidi, and Amy's dad all met at the zoo. We have a another mutual friend, Melissa and her son Luke, who met us there as well! They weren't able to stay as long, but we were excited to have them join us. It was a blast to have everyone together. Both Melissa and Amy are expecting (I'm kicking myself now for not taking a picture of the two pregos together - oh well). Amy in February and Melissa in April. Can't wait to meet their newest additions! At any rate, here are quite a few of the pictures I took - I had a hard time choosing, there were so many cute ones. I realize that most are of Jacob and Heidi. Aidan was in his stroller 98% of the time, so I didn't get many cute ones of him this go round. I felt a little guilty about that when I got home and realized I hadn't had many shots of him. Next time, I promise.
Here are the ones that made the cut:

Smiley boy Jacob

Luke, Heidi and Jacob consulting the map to see where we would be off to next

Luke, just chillin' in my stroller

Heidi and her daddy

The cuteness that is Heidi

The littlest stud, Aidan

Proud parents to be, round two - Matt and Amy

Heidi with her Papa

Just wanted to show you that we did actually see animals
Cody, Jacob, Heidi and her Papa looking at the orangutans

Uncle Travis and Aidan relaxin' in the shade

Heidi sharing her peace offering, a leaf

Jacob and Heidi feeding the turtles

Lunch time hugs!!

Working off all the food they ate (or didn't eat)

How do you think this moment ended?
1. With a sweet kiss from Jacob to Heidi
2. With a not so sweet flattening out of Heidi

We'd all like to think it was number 1, I'm sorry to say it wasn't . . . .(it wasn't a major face plant - Jacob wasn't trying to be mean, he just got excited and gave her, what I would like to call a "love nudge")
Heidi took it like the strong woman that she is and was fine and running around again,
and yes, Jacob apologized.


Knights said...

That looked like a great time! Jacob and Heidi are so cute together!

The Becker Bunch said...

SO cute!! Zoo trips are the best...we should definately go sometime!! Does Amy know what she is having? It's good to see those two...thanks for sharing!!