Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Fun

Yesterday the boys and I went out front to play in some water. Yes, we do have an underground pool out back, but I can't take all the boys swimming by myself. Usually I buy a smaller plastic pool, but just haven't this year. SO, I poured the beans and rice out of their bin and filled it with water and soap. The boys had a blast playing in it, washing rocks, washing their motorcycles and washing each other. It was a nice way for them to cool off. They did start with swim trunks on, but Jacob wanted his off so Aidan wanted his off. Such is life. Ronan even joined in the fun!

I think Aidan might be practicing his yoga . . .

The following 3 pictures are what I get from Aidan when I say "Smile!"

Washing Aidan's motorcycle

Ronan was having fun watching his brothers . . .

Then he realized Mama was taking pictures and that changed the mood.

Jacob and his silly smile

My silly smiling boys . . .

Ronan joins the fun!
Hhmm, not so sure what the big deal is . . .
this kind of just feels like a bath . . .

But, oh, hey bro, look at that over there!

Aidan really was enjoying holding Ronan, I just happened to capture him in a moment of reflection . . .

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cody's 30th Birthday at Disneyland!!!

For Cody's Big 3-0, I surprised him with a trip to Disneyland! (I actually told him a while back) The three boys stayed with my parents while we were gone. It was a quick trip, but so much fun! We left Friday morning and arrived in at our hotel in the afternoon. For dinner we hit the Alcatraz Brewing Co. It was yummy! We walked around the outdoor mall and then headed back to the hotel for some R/R. We woke up bright and early on Saturday so that we could be at Disneyland when it opened. The day was just perfect. The weather was cloudy and cool. The time went by at the perfect pace. Disney was not very crowded either! Believe it or not, we even had time to go back to the hotel for a nap!!! I love it! We were back at the hotel around 11pm and ready to hit the hay. We both slept great! I had to get up at 6:30am to pump, but fell right back asleep until 10:00!!! Then it was back to AZ and the boys.

The trip was just the right amount of time for me to be away from the boys. I missed them, but not terribly. If we would have been one day longer, I would have missed them much more. It was interesting being together with no kids, just the two of us. I don't think we have done a trip, just the two of us, since Jacob was born. It took a couple of times to remember that one of us didn't have to stay in the car while the other went into the AM/PM to get a drink and snack. We could both go! There were no time constraints for naps/bedtimes. And the only thing we carried into DL was Riss's little point and shoot camera she let us borrow. No diaper bag, stroller, snacks, hats etc. It was nice.

I did take some pics with Riss's camera. They might be a bit boring because we pretty much just held it out in front of ourselves. But I think you might enjoy a few . . .

Cody's beer

At dinner Friday night

Enjoying his beer

On the tram into DL

Cody got in free since it was his birthday. They gave him this pin to wear and almost every cast member we saw wished him a happy birthday!

The Tea Cups
Ok, so I don't like the tea cups. I can't remember the last time I have been on them. I usually feel rather nauseous after riding them. But, since it was Cody's birthday and he really wanted to ride them, I decided to suck it up and go with him. I didn't want him to have to go by himself. . . .
Waiting for our turn

Feelin' pretty good about the decision, a little relaxed . . .

and then I saw this face! I knew I was in for it. . .

What concentration it takes to spin a giant tea cup!!

What commitment!

What nausea!!!

And around and around and around we go!

I will admit, it was fun and we did get some hilarious pictures!

Self explanatory

I LOVE the giant pickles at DL. Here I am partaking of this delicious treat!

Waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain and below, on BTM.

OOOhhhh, SCARY Haunted Mansion!!

Before the great big drop on Splash Mountain . . .

After the great big drop on Splash Mountain . . .

I'm happy and dry . . .
Cody . . .not so much. He was soaked. Hehehe!

Big Thunder at Night

Friday, June 12, 2009

My little goof ball

While making lunch, I heard "drumming" coming from behind me.  I turned around to find this:

Below is when he heard the click of the camera - stopped dead in his tracks

Then I asked him to drum so more . . .

That's my little goof ball Aidan!!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

My Vice

My vice, my weakness, my white whale, my temptation . . .
my sweet goodness.

Oh chocolate chip cookie from Safeway, how I love thee.  Your sweet chocolate chunks melt in my mouth and your chewy core is heavenly.  I try to resist you, but at no avail.  You have me trapped in an abyss of desire.  I will overcome the urge to devour you.  I will overcome.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Sanctuary

I have once again redone my little garden space.  After a few attempts at growing different things - vegetables, flowers etc. I learned that the back half of my space just does not get enough sun to produce anything.  So I cut the garden in half and built a little porch area.  The front half of the garden houses some herbs, daisies and one rose bush that is doing really well.  I have vines growing on two sides and planted another creeping vine that will hopefully cover the rock that is behind the scarecrow in the first picture.  There are a few plants missing in these photos (like the creeping vine), I hadn't had a chance to plant them yet.  Now all I need is a little table and one or two chairs and my little escape will be complete.  I would also love to find a little water fountain to put in the back corner.  I think that would be the final touch.  I invite anyone to come and enjoy it!