Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Sanctuary

I have once again redone my little garden space.  After a few attempts at growing different things - vegetables, flowers etc. I learned that the back half of my space just does not get enough sun to produce anything.  So I cut the garden in half and built a little porch area.  The front half of the garden houses some herbs, daisies and one rose bush that is doing really well.  I have vines growing on two sides and planted another creeping vine that will hopefully cover the rock that is behind the scarecrow in the first picture.  There are a few plants missing in these photos (like the creeping vine), I hadn't had a chance to plant them yet.  Now all I need is a little table and one or two chairs and my little escape will be complete.  I would also love to find a little water fountain to put in the back corner.  I think that would be the final touch.  I invite anyone to come and enjoy it!

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