Thursday, December 31, 2009

Today's nappers

Hmmm, that can't be comfortable, can it?

I guess I can make it work.

Snoozin' . . .

And this is how we found Aidan.  It took him a very long time to fall asleep and now we know why.  He was busy pulling all the clothes out of the top two drawers.  Ugh.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Good thing he's cute!!

I'm used to the kids stealing my place or hanging on me at not such great times.  Now I am readjusting to having a dog do that too.  Today while the boys were napping, I decided to catch up on some rest too on the couch.  I had to get up for a minute and when I came back I found this:

He looked so cute and comfy, I couldn't move him.

Then while giving all three boys a bath, Rowdy decided to make himself comfortable again . . .on my legs.  He probably would have stayed there for hours, but of course I couldn't.  Cute little bugger.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Fat Lip

My poor little Roo.  Not only did we find out yesterday that he has a double ear infection, he also got his first fat lip and few days before.  It really wasn't too bad, could have been much worse.  I still felt bad for him.  My little man is such a trooper!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another brother . . .

Last Sunday we added to our family once again.  This time with a new four legged friend.  We named him Rowdy.  Rowdy is a lab/boxer mix and is 9 weeks old.  Our first week at home has been great!  He really is a good puppy.  At night, we were keeping him the laundry room with a baby gate up.  He would whine most of the night.  (He was far enough away that it didn't keep us up, I just heard him while up with Ronan)  Yesterday I bought a pop-up crate, which should come in use for traveling and other things.  I decided to see how he would sleep in the crate, in our room last night.  Not one peep!!  He did great!!

I've also discovered that I have become one of "those" types of dog owners.  The type I always swore I would never be . . .one who dresses her dog!  Well, I don't think it will last.  One, Rowdy wasn't a huge fan, two - he's going to get pretty big and three - I really can't justify spending the money on dog clothes.  At any rate, I found this shirt in the dollar zone at Target, therefor could justify the purchase.

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Merry Christmas!

"AHHH Mom!!!  How could you?  All the other puppies are going to laugh at me!"

This will teach her to put embarrassing clothes on me . . .

"I am pretty cute though . . ."

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Celebrating our boys!!

We celebrated the boys birthday's with family at Chaparral Park one afternoon.  It was the perfect day to celebrate with family.  The only thing I didn't plan well for was how early it got dark.  We ran out of daylight while opening gifts.  Oh well.  I'll try and remember for next year.  I think everyone enjoyed being together.

Luke and Jacob feeding the ducks and birds

Farmor watching Aidan play baseball with Uncle Les

Papa and Jacob watching the fun

Our boys are so lucky to have 3 Great Grandmas who love them!

Aunt Lori and Ronan watching the baseball game

Ronan trying on Papa's hat

Such an intense player!

You can always find Aidan at the food table!

Papa, Uncle T and Jacob playing football

I can play too!!

Having fun opening gifts

Aidan turns 3!!

On November 30, we celebrated Aidan's 3rd birthday!  Daddy had to work and Jacob had school, so Aidan, Ronan and Mommy just hung out together.  We picked Jacob up from school and went to Chic Fil A for lunch and then for dinner we hit Peter Piper.  After that, back home for cake and presents!!

One excited little 3 year old!

Here's what you get when you ask Aidan to smile

Huff and puff and BLOW your candle out

Jacob was super excited to help hand Aidan his gifts . . .he's off to get another one!

Our little Rock Star

Getting more help from Jacob

Aidan had wanted something Star Wars and a robot - this Star Wars play R2D2 play doh toy filled both requirements and then some!  He LOVED it!

"Hey, where's my gift?"

LOVIN' his R2D2

Jacob turns 4!!!

We celebrated Jacob's 4th Birthday on November 15th.  It's hard to believe he's already 4.  I expect to say that every year.  Our poor little 4 year old was sick on his birthday with a fever.  No fun to be sick on your birthday.  I think he was able to enjoy some of the day though, once the Motrin kicked in.  Needless to say, we spent the day at home and ordered pizza for dinner.

Trying to muster up the strength to open his first present.

His brothers come in to help him out . . .

Feeling a little better and trying out the new football

Opening another gift

Playing with his new dinosaur

Blowing out his birthday candles

"Oh yeah . . . come here you yummy cupcake!"

"Um, do I have something on my face?"