Sunday, December 06, 2009

Celebrating our boys!!

We celebrated the boys birthday's with family at Chaparral Park one afternoon.  It was the perfect day to celebrate with family.  The only thing I didn't plan well for was how early it got dark.  We ran out of daylight while opening gifts.  Oh well.  I'll try and remember for next year.  I think everyone enjoyed being together.

Luke and Jacob feeding the ducks and birds

Farmor watching Aidan play baseball with Uncle Les

Papa and Jacob watching the fun

Our boys are so lucky to have 3 Great Grandmas who love them!

Aunt Lori and Ronan watching the baseball game

Ronan trying on Papa's hat

Such an intense player!

You can always find Aidan at the food table!

Papa, Uncle T and Jacob playing football

I can play too!!

Having fun opening gifts

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