Monday, November 09, 2009

Halloween 2009 Part 1

So, a little behind, but such is life.  The boys had a great Halloween.  Jacob was very excited to be a flying dinosaur and Aidan was excited to be Batman.  Our little Ronan followed in his brothers footsteps and was Tigger for his first Halloween.  We did our normal route - first to Farmor and Gramps, then Nan's, Grammie and Papa's and finished up at Aunt Lori and Uncle Les' where Uncle Trav and Raquel met up with us.  We did add one house to our list, Cody's good friend Dave, his wife Heather and their son Owen.  Owen is almost exactly one month older than Ronan.  I will post those pics later.  The two boys were super cute.  But for now, enjoy!