Monday, December 10, 2007

Life is full . . .

We have been so busy the past few weeks. Life has been full of so many wonderful things. Here's the low down from the past few weeks (starting with the most recent):

This past Sunday, we went and picked out our Christmas tree - but haven't decorated it yet!

This past Saturday night we celebrated my mom's 50th birthday party with friends and family - it was a blast! (3rd party in 3 weeks - we are party animals!)
Me, my Mom and my sister, Lorissa

The next batch of pictures are from our fun family tradition where we all go to my parents house and help them decorate their Christmas tree. (Check out my sisters blog, The Knights, for a funny video of Jacob) Jacob had his own interesting way of decorating the tree . . . throwing ornaments!

Hey, check it out!

The art of decorating, performed by Jacob

Aidan decorating the tree

What happens when you ask Cody, Doug and Travis to participate in decorating

This ornament is ready to be hung!

Attempting to take a picture of the gang! Not very easy with the little ones, but always entertaining!


Knights said...

Our Family Rocks! I love the picture of you guys with your Christmas Tree :-)

The Becker Bunch said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!! I recently was talking to someone who said their neices and nephews do the SAME EXACT tree decorating technique!! SO FUNNY!! I love all the photos!! Maybe we can get together sometime while Riss is on break!! That would be fun!