Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Big 0-1!!

Happy First Birthday Aidan!!
Last night we had family over to help us celebrate Aidan's very first birthday. I cannot believe that it has been one whole year since his arrival. He rang in his birthday by really starting to take multiple steps all on his own - without me setting him up to do so - he will just turn and go! Aidan still hasn't said any other words, other than "ball". Each time I ask him to say "mama", he just looks at me and laughs . . . .oh well. His party was fun and he received a ton of great gifts! However, my poor little man partied a little too much and when he was enjoying his cake, he well, lets just say it all came back up. I felt so bad! No worries, I do not have pictures of it. (We do have video and are thinking of sending it into America's Funniest Home Videos . . . he was making some great faces before the incident and then whammo . . .does that make me a bad mom, hoping to gain a few extra $ through the misfortune of my little one?) At any rate, he woke up this morning doing great, which I was thankful for. Here are some pictures of the big day.
(I apologize for not having many pictures with other people in it - I did a bad job this time around of getting pictures with multiple people in them. Sorry!)

Aidan's Cake (we had a bigger one for all of the family)

What a good little man, offering to share his pizza with his Auntie Tiffany

Aidan decided on his own that it was time to open presents . . .

And was not happy when I started to move them

He rebounded quickly and was up and on his way

The boys loved the gift from Aunt Lori and Uncle Less

I have been waiting patiently for my cake, now bring it on!

This is what I'm talking about!

Wow, it's got some kick!

Oh yeah, this is awesome!

OK, I'm not feeling so good . . .

But I feel great today!

So good, I think I will try out my new Bounce and Spin Zebra that Mama and Dada gave me!

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The Ulrickson Fam said...

Yeah! I love the pics and was hoping there would be some, Looks like the birthday was awesome. Wish we could have been there! I will look forward to seeing that video some day. Hope you guys are doing well. Love you.