Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4 days apart

We were lucky enough to spend time with some good friends that were in town visiting family.  Lisa and Jason Miller, along with their kiddos, Indie (2) and Eli (11 weeks) came in from Minnesota for Lisa's moms birthday.  They have been in town since last Thurday, but Aidan has been sick so we weren't able to get together until today.  (And of course they left tonight :-(  )  I was excited to get Ronan and Eli together.  They were born just days apart.  Ronan on January 23 and Eli on the 27th.  How fun would it be if they grew up being great buds!

E: "Dude, how long is this picture thing going to take?"

R:"Just smile and then maybe she'll stop."

I'm pretty sure I heard Eli do the fake cough but say something else thing. I could have sworn I heard "cough*cough*enough*cough"!

R: "Dude, you're right, this is taking for ever!  I'm sorry, she can get carried away."

E: "You've got to be kidding me.  I thought we were done!"
R: "Welcome to my life dude, welcome to my life."

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Another fine digitally impaired product said...

Too cute! I love the captions also.