Sunday, April 05, 2009

Palm Sunday

At church this morning, the kids sang a song entitled "Bull Frogs and Butterflies", which has an Easter theme.  Instead of carrying in palms, they all carried bullfrogs and butterflies that they had made.  The youngest kids, Jacob and Aidan's age came in last.  The first picture is of the group before the boys arrived.  I'm not going to lie, my boys didn't really enjoy it.  Jacob refused to wear his hat and Aidan stood facing the kids, frozen in fear.  When they saw me taking pictures, both came and wanted to sit with me.  So, I have just one or two pictures of them up there.  It was funny.  Oh well, they will have plenty of chances to show off their skills later.

The crew

It appears in this picture that Jacob is wearing his hat but it's actually a hat on the person behind him.

The entire group

Poor little man.  He stood that way, frozen, for several minutes until I tried to coax him to turn around, and failed.

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