Thursday, April 09, 2009

Gluten for punishment, part 2

In my quest to keep my boys happy and entertained I once again ended up with more work for myself.  I am not so naive that I didn't see the mess coming.  That's the problem, I see fully in my mind what is going to happen and yet I create the activity anyway.  It sounds like so much fun for them that I forgot about how much "fun" it will be for me.  Haha.  I really don't mind.  The messes the boys create make for great picture opportunities.  And I hope great memories for them.  I came up with this idea from the Children's Museum and then my friend Jacqui confirmed it was a great activity in a previous post.  And it does clean up easily.
(And yes, they do not have any pants on - the joys of potty training!)

Is it only my boys that decide to squish together in the container of rice and beans?  Uh, guys, you're not supposed to sit in it.

The mess.