Friday, May 22, 2009


Well, this week we have had our share of illness.  Wednesday Jacob went to the doctor for croup.  Then yesterday Aidan had a fever all day and night so back to the doctor we went today.  The doctor is running a culture for strep throat.  Initial test came back negative, but she decided to send it out to be tested.  Other than the fever, Aidan doesn't have any other symptoms.  His throat was red, but he says it doesn't hurt.  Anyway, as I pulled in our driveway and got out, this is what I found.  Fast asleep, sucker in hand.  Poor little guy. 

On the upside, Jacob actually took his medicine tonight!!!  The past two days we literally had to hold him down force him to take it.  Not fun for any of us.  Today he took it normally, like any other medicine he's taken.  Thanks goodness!

Here is a cute conversation I had with Aidan at the doctor while waiting for test results:

A: "Mommy, what's this?"  (holding up his q-tip the doctor gave him)
M: "It's a q-tip."
A:  "Can I eat it?" (typical Aidan thought, mmm, food)
M: "No, you cannot eat that.  It's not food."
A: (with a cute, unsure little smile on his face) "Are you teasin' me Mommy?"

I guess he really thought it was food!

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