Friday, May 29, 2009

Desert Botanical Gardens Butterfly Exhibit

Jacob, Aidan and I went with Grammie (my mom) to the Desert Botanical Gardens today to see the butterfly exhibit.  I think the boys enjoyed it.  It was great practice of self control for Aidan.  He so badly wanted to touch the butterflies.  So instead, he crouched real close and screamed "Hi butterfly!!!!"  Gotta love him.  Also while we were there, Grammie discovered that the boys do not know how to drink out of water fountains.  Watching them attempt to was as exciting as the butterflies.  :-)

Butterfly Exhibit
(check out my photography page for pics of the butterflies)

Drinking Fountain Attempts
(yes, Jacob has the longest tongue in the world!)
(I love Aidan's face in the first two)

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