Tuesday, May 26, 2009

4 months old and lovin' life

On Saturday, Ronan turned 4 months old!  I can't believe 4 months have already flown by.  Today he had his 4 month well check.  Here are the stats:
14 lbs. 13oz.  50%
26 1/2"  90%
Everything looks good!  He is ready for solid foods now!  This is always an entertaining step for me.  The dr. did put him on a med. for minor reflux.  It's the lowest dosage and hopefully it will give him a little relief.  Ronan is a very happy baby.  He smiles so much and I can't get enough of it!  Here are his 4 month pictures.

"I am a cool dude!"

I think he is conducting in this picture.

Super Smiley Boy!

"Aaww, schucks . . ."


The Ulrickson Fam said...

4 months!!! What?????!!!!!! I really cannot even believe that. Wow. Amazing. He is so beautiful

Another fine digitally impaired product said...

He is one cool dude - and cute to boot!