Sunday, February 01, 2009

Transformers . . .more than meets the eye!

Ronan has been apart of our family for one week and two days and there have been plenty of changes in our household.  One big one is with Jacob and Aidan.  I swear they are not the children I left at home when I went to the hospital.  They now have two sides - a non listening, I'm going to do what I want to do, crazy side and a super sweet I love my new brother side.  We have been challenged by the "normal" rebellious attitude that often accompanies siblings when a new arrival comes home.  We expected it, but it has been harder than expected.  I know (or at least hope) that once we get readjusted and back to a routine, things should calm down.  On the flip side, the boys have only had rebellion towards us and not at all towards Ronan.  They love him.  A little too much at times.  Luckily it doesn't seem to bother him too much.  It's harder for me, it seems at times they are smothering him with their love.  (Should I really be complaining about this? :-)  )  But I am so thankful they love him and aren't mean to him.  Below are some pictures of what happens if Ronan is trying to enjoy some tummy time . . .

Enjoying sweet relaxation . . .

Until the Big Brothers arrive home from a trip to the park with Farmor and Gomps

SO excited to see their brother and love on him

I really think Aidan would lay next to Ronan all day like this if he could,
no real understanding of "personal space".  It is sweet though.

There's no escaping, they've got him surrounded!

More sweet lovin'


E and K said...

So good to see pictures of cute! I totally understand about feeling like the siblings might love their brother a little too much. The girls have been so loving towards little Charlie, but at times it totally frustrates me...I wish they could understand the personal space thing too. I've never had so many helpers : ) But, as you've said, I should be thankful for how much they love their brother. Can't wait to see even more pictures of Ronan.

Knights said...

The pictures look SO adorable! I can't say much because I haven't been in that situation (not even close) Its so good tohear they are loving him though!