Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow . . .

While many of our friends are excited to defrost and warm up, we were excited to have the opportunity to go and play in the snow.  Last weekend most of Arizona had some great storms that dumped alot of rain in our city and a ton of snow in the high country.  We took advantage of that and headed up north to Payson to play in the snow.  The boys really enjoyed it.  The were troopers.  Seeing as we play in the snow maybe once a year, we don't have proper attire.  We do have good coats and mittens, but no snow pants.  So we did the best we could.  The spot we found was very powdery and went up to our knees.  The boys trudged right along.  Aidan fussed, but didn't want to leave.  Jacob just had a blast and threw a very big fit when it was time to go.  Oh well.  It was still worth it.  We dried off, put some dry clothes on and headed into Payson for lunch.  It was a great family day and we got to see some beautiful scenery!

Little Ronan getting ready to party in the cold stuff!

Snow falling off the trees onto Cody and the boys.

Cuties playing in the snow

Trying to make a snowball

Mama and Ronan

More fun times in the snow

Daddy created a really fun game . . .
Up, Up aaannnndddd . . .


Luckily there is a nice, soft landing spot!

Now it's Aidan's turn to fly!

Ker plunk!

Sweet boy.

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Barbara said...

Such beautiful pictures, Ang. Looks like a great time!