Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here are a few more photos of our newest addition.  The boys absolutely LOVE Ronan.  It is so cute to watch them love on him.  In the hospital, Jacob was a little standoffish, a bit nervous, but you could still tell he was excited to meet his new brother.  Aidan, who I thought would really care less, is totally  excited about Ronan.  Both boys love to give him kisses and hugs.  Below are a few photos of their first meetings and then Ronan, ready to go home  (And no, he doesn't have freakishly long, bent arms - his little onesie that they give him in the hospital was a little big and the arms were super long.).  Enjoy! 

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The Becker Bunch said...

He is SO cute...congratulations!! He is just precious...I think he looks a LOT like Aiden...what do you think?! Rest up and enjoy your little man!!