Sunday, November 23, 2008

Relaxation . . . mommy style

Imagine the sound of nice, warm bath water filling up the tub.  The smell of lavender filters through the room.  The bubbles playfully fill the tub as the water turns a deep sea green as the sea foam is absorbed into the water.  The perfect magazine is waiting to be read . . .  The warm water is embracing as I slip into the tub, eager to let my aches and pains melt away.  Then "Splash!" a rubber fish finds it way into the water and is soon joined by a rubber crab.  Four little hands are fishing their way through the water trying to find them.  "Watch mommy, watch mommy!" they screech.  Cody and I tried to explain that watching mommy wouldn't be very interesting.  "Watch mommy, watch mommy!"  I sigh and give in.  When exhausted, it just seems easier than listening to them cry and throw a fit.  I attempt to read my magazine while the boys play in the water.  I glance down at my protruding belly to see a crab peering back up at me.  Apparently my belly is the Island of this sea.  Back to reading.  Then Poke!  Aidan finds it humorous to poke my nipple.  I quickly explain why this isn't funny.  While attempting to read an article to see if I could live with the the Nikon D90 versus the much more expensive Nikon D300 (like I could really afford either), Squirt!!  I am squirted with water from the fish and crab and told that they are "throwing up".  Lovely.  One more try at reading.  One sentence into the article and I see Aidan dunking his head over the side of the tub into the water.  He finds this hilarious - why wouldn't he?  I give up on the magazine.  Sit in the tub for a few more minutes while fish and crabs swim, rest and throw up on me.  Then I call in the reinforcements, afraid of how much water is actually on the bathroom floor.  Cody cleans it up, takes the boys to put on pj's and I step out the tub, dry off and feel much the same as I did before.  So much for that nice relaxing bath.  I have the thought of it and some humorous memories.


E and K said...

This cracked me up...because I can totally relate! Things are so different with the third pregnancy, aren't they?! : )

Jacqui said...

I hear ya. I haven't even taken a bath since we moved to this house over 2 years ago. LOL Next time, lock the door.