Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

We had another fun Halloween last night.  As you can see, both of the boys went as Tigger.  This was not the intended costume for either of them.  However, on Wednesday, when I went to try their costumes on (Aidan was going to be the puppy Jacob was last year and Jacob was going to be Bob the Builder) Jacob wanted to be a puppy just like Aidan.  No Bob the Builder.  Not at all.  SO, I went on a puppy costume hunt.  No luck.  But, did find these two Tigger costume, in the correct sizes, for only $5 a piece!!  Both boys were happy and excited.  And I was beside myself over the price, so awesome!  So all was well for Halloween.  We did the usual pattern - Farmor and Gramps, Grammie and Papas, Nan's and then Aunt Lori and Uncle Les'.  The boys had fun at each house.  Thanks for all of the loot!
Oh yeah, the first thing Aidan said when I walked into his bedroom this morning was "candy?"  I guess when you don't get candy very often, it is a treat.  :-)

At Home Before Trick or Treating

Two cute Tigger's lovin' each other

All ready to go.

Pumpin' some pumpkin iron

No idea what he's thinking, maybe pumpkin golfing?

At Gramps and Farmor's

At the neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Gibsons

Daddy and Tigger #2

At Grammie and Papa's

Ringing the doorbell - Jacob is very proud of himself, now that he is tall enough to reach it on his own.

At Nan's House

At Aunt Lori and Uncle Les'

This is Jacob being shy when their neighbor Gary came over.

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Knights said...

Great photos - they looked adorable! Lets hope you can keep your Halloween costume luck for the years to come :-) The photo of Aidan with Jacob in the background is cool - it kinda looks like a mirror.