Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Birthday party

To continue the boys birthday celebrations, we invited family and a few friends to join us at Peter Piper Pizza.  Again, I think everyone enjoyed themselves and I know the boys had a great time.  Thanks again for everyone who helped make our boys birthdays special!

Our little Birthday Boys

Part of the party crew

More party goers

What do you mean I have something on my face.

Our littlest party goer, Jake.

Last table of partiers!

First present opened - a giant fish pillow from Aunt Lori and Uncle Les - Jacob loved it!

Aidan wasn't so sure . . . but he eventually warmed up to it and loves it too!

Notice Aidan's big dilema . . . keep eating gummy worm or open present.  The gummy worm won for a while.

Don't even think about it, it's mine.

Hey wait a minute, I only got pants, what did he get?

Bradley was so excited watching the boys open their gifts - it was so cute!

Mark and Justin - so cute!!

Great Grandmom, Gramps, and Aunt Jamie

A little shy during the singing of "Happy Birthday"

I guess Aidan finished all of his dirt pudding out of the cup and decided the cup itself must taste good with the remnants.

Jacob is teasing Mommy by pretending to eat her dessert!

The Armstrong Family
Luke, Josh, Les, Andrea and Lori

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