Saturday, November 15, 2008

3 years ago today . . .

Three years ago today began a new chapter in our lives.  It was the day that Jacob was born.  An awesome day that seems like just yesterday.  It's so hard to believe that our first little baby is already 3!  He has filled this chapter of our lives with so much joy.  It has been amazing to witness all of his little life changes and watch what kind of little guy he is growing into.  At the age of three, Jacob is a very passionate person.  He tends to lean towards being a perfectionist and can get frustrated when things don't work exactly they way he wants them to.  From day one, he has always been one who studies and takes everything in.  Which in turn, is the reason he can figure things out so quickly.  He is very smart and loves to learn.  His hobbies now are trucks, tractors (which we call by their Bob the Builder names - which works for me because I never remember the real name) and dirt.  Jacob loves to play with Aidan, most of the time.  He is super sweet with Aidan when he gets hurt and neither of them can go to sleep without giving the other huggies and kisses.  He loves his family and is so blessed to have so many family members around that care and love for him on a daily basis.
Happy Birthday Jacob!

First, a step back in time . . .

November 15, 2005

November 15, 2006

November 15, 2007

November 15, 2008

We started off Jacob's 3rd birthday with a yummy breakfast of donuts and one little present.  The funny thing was that when we asked Jacob if he wanted to open his present, his response was "No, eat more donuts."  Cody finally had to open it for him.  But he liked it when he saw it!  Then for a yummy dinner, we went to Peter Piper Pizza for a few games and some good eats.  Finally we ended the night back at home with the grandparents for more presents and some yummy cupcakes.  All in all, it was a fun day.


Mark said...

Happy birthday Jacob! Your buddy Justin welcomes you to the world of big bad 3 year olds! Hope you have a fantastic birthday weekend!

Knights said...

Looks like Jacob had a great birthday! Its crazy that h's 3 already - I love watching him grow each year.

Barbara said...

Happy birthday Jacob!

What a sweetheart!