Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mmm . . . play doh

Jacob loves to play with play doh.  However, after a recent play doh play time, I finally came to my senses and decided that it is going to have to be just a Jacob and Mommy activity.  That decision was made because our sweet second son, Aidan, would much rather eat it, than play with it!  I keep hoping that it won't happen - not even sure why think that would be a possibility!  It actually seems to have gotten worse.  At first, he would play a little and then sample.  Not now - the minute you open the container, you'd think it was made of chocolate!  All I can say is thanks goodness it's non-toxic.  I also assume I may have some colorful diaper changes coming my way . . .

*I was having issues with my camera today, so some of the pictures did not come in focus very well.
Still, I didn't want to miss the opportunities though! :-)

Jacob, flashing me his silly smile.

Aidan, sampling the yellow and green - does it taste lemony?

Working hard making snakes, because that's all we ever make at this point. :-)

Uh oh, caught in the act!!

It had to happen at some point, Aidan has eaten so much play doh, it's coming out of his ears!!
Oddly enough, I pushed on his nose and it squirted right out of his ear!
Just kidding of course.

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