Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Dayton or Sandrine? Phoebe or Phoebo?"

Today was THE day!  We had our first (and probably only) ultra sound for baby number 3.  If you want to know the sex - you'll have to watch the ultra sound video and figure it out.  :-)  The first video is the first half of the ultra sound and you will be able to tell the sex within the first 17 seconds.  A few seconds after that you will see the tech type the gender, in case you missed it.  You will also see an outstretched arm and some cute tootsies.  The second video shows how active this little one is!  The baby was on the go during most of the ultra sound.  You will see the wee one roll around and raise its arms above its head.  You'll get a glimpse of more cute tootsies too!  (There is about 30 seconds at the end of the second video that is just a still shot - so the video actually ends at 2:21.)  Enjoy!!  We sure did!!



E and K said...

Congratulations on another little boy! Having two girls, I never had an ultrasound that looked quite like that, and man, it is obvious, huh! : ) We had our ultrasound last week and decided not to find out this time. This is very different for us but fun! I'll have to see if I can figure out how to put our video on the blog.

The Ulrickson Fam said...

Wow!! I love the video. We've never had one and I am super jealous. How precious. He's such a stud!!

The Flowers Family said...

Awesome news, and now you have a third of a baseball team!!!!

Knights said...

Love the ultrasound videos! Your boys are proud to be boys - they don't hide anything :-)

Bradfords said...

Hey Thomas family- Congrats on another little guy. We're so proud of you all and love you very much.
Dan & Kathy Bradford

The Becker Bunch said... fun to have another little guy!!:) Congratulations! What great friends they will be!! I think the name Dayton is so awesome...very unique!