Monday, August 11, 2008

Cutest Game of Hide and Seek Ever!

The boys love to play hide and seek.  Today while Aunt Lori was here, they over course wanted to play.  It was SO cute.  I love the hiding places Jacob chooses and the way he narrates the game.  For example, below, there is a picture of him hiding under Aidan's crib.  While walking by Aidan's room, Lori will ask, "Are you in here?"  (which I think is cheating, but what are you going to do . . . :-)  )  Jacob will then say, "No, in Jacob's room."  Pretty funny.  Below are a couple pictures of Jacob in hiding.  Make sure you have a few minutes to look close, he is a very good hider and it might take a few minutes to find him.  He could be the next "Where's Waldo".

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Another fine digitally impaired product said...

Too funny! I love playing hide and seek with the boys :)