Friday, August 08, 2008

Skateboarding fools!

The other morning Jacob spotted Daddy's skateboard in the garage and wanted to ride it.  SO, we suited up in our gear and got the board out.  The boys had fun playing around on it and I thought they looked pretty cute in their get up.  I think my favorite part were the gloves that Aidan wore. They actually came with Jacob's stuff, but he didn't want to wear them.  But Aidan did!  Here are some pictures of my skateboarding studs.

Aidan, sporting the gloves, gives the board a try

This idea didn't last long.  I think Jacob bailed first.

So, Jacob may need to work on the balance thing a bit.

One of the cutest boarders out there!

Total concentration.  And better balance while sitting and riding it.


The Ulrickson Fam said...

Yes! Love these pics. What studs.

Knights said...

Great photos! They look like they are having tons of fun! I like Lori's face in one of the photos - you can tell she's totally cracking up! :-)