Monday, May 12, 2008

Munds Park

This past weekend we went up to Flagstaff with Cody's family to celebrate Grandpa's graduation.  We know call him "Dr. Randy Thomas"!!!  He earned his doctorate in psychology.  A big yeah and congrats for him!!  We are very proud of him.  Unfortunately, the boys and I did not make it to the actual graduation - it was right at nap time.  SO, I don't have any pictures of the graduate.  (Plus I realized I only have pictures of the boys and no one else - I dropped the ball on that one!)  Anyway, we had a wonderful time with the Thomas family - Grandpa, Farmor, Aunt Jamie and Uncle T - at the cabin.  And next weekend we are all going to California for Cody's cousins graduation AND Disneyland!!

Playing on the deck

It didn't take long for them to find dirt to play in!

Distracted by bubbles!!

More bubbles

Off to explore!

Having fun on the swing

And back to exploring

Not sure what's going on here . . . 

What a fun trail!

Walking on the railroad ties

and, oh, what did we find?

a poor unsuspecting ant!

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