Sunday, May 25, 2008


Last weekend we had an awesome trip to SoCal.  Cody, myself and the boys went along with Cody's parents and his sister to meet up with Cody's Aunt Nancy, Uncle Tom and cousins Peter and Karna.  Karna was graduating from Otis, which is a school for the arts.  She majored in digital 3D modeling.  Basically, to the best of my knowledge, that means someone gives her a sketching for say a video game and she turns that sketch into the 3D image you see on games.  Pretty cool. So, we went to celebrate with all of them.  We also got to meet Karna's boyfriend Jordan, who was very nice and we applaud him for giving up a weekend to hang out with the crazy family!!  While we were there we all made a trip to Disneyland and the beach (more to come on that later).  The boys were so great and went beyond my expectations.  Especially since both had colds and weren't feeling 100%.  I couldn't have asked for a better trip.  We all had fun and can't wait to do it again.  We are so blessed with a family that loves our boys very much and is willing to jump in and help out.  Thanks to everyone who helped and loved on the boys!!
The shuttle ride from the hotel to Disneyland
Jacob and Grandpa
Aidan sitting between Farmor and Dada.

Making our grand entrance!
The boys, Cody, me, Aunt Jamie and Farmor

My boys

Waiting in line to see Mickey . . .we all know how that went!

Playing silly scales

Character watching - I think it was Goofy

In Toon Town outside the Roger Rabbit ride

Riding the carousel

The boys had fun on the Dumbo ride!

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is Daddy's favorite!

Jacob waiting very patiently in line for Peter Pan.  Both boys did great standing in line.  I was very impressed and very thankful.  Aidan was sleeping during this ride - so was hanging out with Gramps and Farmor.
Uncle Tom waiting patiently also!

Aidan having a blast with Aunt Nancy
Karna also is having a good time!

The crew:
Gramps, Uncle Tom, Jordan, Peter, Aunt Jamie
Cody, Ang, Jacob, Karna, Farmor Aunt Nancy
"The Youngins"
Peter, Jordan, Cody, Ang, Jamie
Karna Jacob and Aidan

Autopia Time!
Silly faces with Aunt Nancy!
At least the adults are having a great time!
Aidan rode with me . . .poor guys just didn't feel great.
Gramps and Jacob
Mama and Aidan

The quintessential picture by the Mickey at the front gate before we said goodbye to Disneyland . . .

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Anonymous said...

Cute pics!! I love the one of the boys with Mickey. What is it abou that mouse that is so scary for kids? LOL Looks like a fun trip.