Friday, August 07, 2009

Ronan and Rosco

Today while over at Grammie and Papa's house, we noticed that Ronan was watching Rosco under the table. So I said let's sit with him on the ground and see what they do. It was so cute and funny! Rosco (my sister's dog) was SO great with him.

First licks

"Eeww, dog breath!"

"Haha, this is fun Grammie!"
(Aidan is kissing Ronan's head, so sweet!)

"You'll never beat this bad boy at a staring contest."

Karate Chop!!

Rosco sneaks in a little kiss . . .

"Ooohh, no likey licky . . ."
"Oooh, no likey drooly . . ."

"Oh, OK, you do live here."

"Please oh please may I go?"

"But not before one more little kiss!"

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Knights said...

So cute! Makes me feel so happy that your boys like Rosco and that Rosco is great with kids! :-)