Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of Preschool!!!

Jacob started preschool this week!! And he loves it!! He goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the morning. I'm so excited for him and we really like the school thus far. Plus, all I hear are good things about it. The first two days went great. Today he had a little trouble with me leaving, but was fine within a few minutes. Jacob loves to come home and show us the sticker or stamp he got, tell us about playing at the water table or riding the BIG bike. I asked if he had made any friends and he told me he plays with Charlie and Ty. Today I got to meet them. Jacob told me after school today that he played with a little girl named Victoria. I'll have to figure out who she is on Monday. Both of his teachers have commented on how sweet and nice he is. That makes me SO proud of him!

Below are pictures of his first day. I only took pictures at home because I wasn't sure how overwhelming it might be at school. Next week I will try and get some pics of him in action at school. I asked him where he wanted me to take his picture and he sat down on the ground and said right here. He wouldn't stand up. Little bugger. I know he was excited and uneasy, so I didn't push it. In the last picture, here's what he was telling me:

Mommy, "Jacob, can you please look at me and smile?"
Jacob, "I don't want to talk to you right now."


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