Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New interests every day!

It seems like everyday brings something new in the Thomas household. It's so amazing to see your child's interests evolve in their ever changing world. It may seem like just little things to some, but to me, it is so much fun and I get so excited about what the next "new thing" will be. Jacob has really started to play and use his imagination. His newest interest is the wooden train sets. We had a play date with a good friend of ours yesterday and they brought over a wooden train set. It was all Jacob would play with. Now, being the perfectionist that he is, (and that fact that he got up way to early) he would get frustrated when the trains would come off the track or the trains wouldn't stick together because he didn't understand the concept of magnetic attraction. Needless to say, the trains did end up in time out a couple of times after flying through the air. Despite those minor details, I think the sets will be on his birthday and Christmas list. We went to a great toy store today and I started his collection with his very own train. I also learned that this is going to be quite the costly hobby. I'm not ashamed to admit that we will be searching Ebay, Craigs List and buying the off brands . . . it's not like Jacob will know the difference.
Jacob and his new train

Hey, this is my train!

Jacob's second new interest is air hockey. I believe I mentioned this in the last post. At Grammie and Papa's, he turned their coffee table into an air hockey table. At first he just clenched his fist like he was holding the air hockey thing (sorry, don't remember what it is called) and hit a ball back and forth with Grammie. It took Grammie a minute to figure out what he was doing. Then Grammie had a great idea and brought out butter dish lids and they worked great! He made everyone play with him. Aunt Lorissa is in the picture playing below. At home he made me sit on the floor and we used stacking rings to play. Jacob's knowledge of what it is he wants and how to do it absolutely amazes me. He is so creative and will find ways to accomplish what ever he wants.

Aidan newest interest are trying to stand up (no photos of that at this time), eating Cheerios and any other bite size foods we place in front of him and making silly faces. Aidan loves to laugh and smile and make others laugh and smile. He is so care free and very active! I used to think he was going to be my laid back baby, but I'm now thinking differently . . . I now have a feeling he is going to be the one that gives me my first heart attack! He just decides what he wants to do and does it. No fears in this little man.

Eating Cheerios

Hey, wanna see my Cheerio?

Silly faces!!

Just me and my amazing boys!


The Ulrickson Gang said...

Love the new look! Too cute. I seriously cannot believe how much the boys have changed. I can't wait to get my hands on them in a month. Too cute!

Knights said...

I can't belive how amazing the boys are! Love them to pieces! The picture of you three at the end is a great photo!