Saturday, September 15, 2007

NaNa (neyney)

The cutest thing, (other than these little tooshies) is hearing Jacob say Aidan's name. Just recently he started to call Aidan by his name. It usually sounds like "NeyNey" or occasionally "NeyNen". I love to hear Jacob calling for his brother. This morning, as we were sitting eating breakfast, Jacob was trying over and over again to get his brothers attention. When he finally did, both shared big grins at each other. It's great to watch them play and begin to interact with each other, Jacob calling Aidan over to play or calling Aidan's attention to a toy that Jacob has OK'd him to play with. I've said this before and know I'll say it many times more, it is so much fun to watch the boys grow together, interact more and learn to care for each other. I hope and pray that as they grow up, their friendship will continue to grow and always be strong.

At Grammie and Poppop's
(Dad was intended to be PaPa, but Jacob pronounces it "PopPop" - I think it will stick!)
house, waiting for their bath after a fun evening of playing.


The Ulrickson Fam said...

Oh the booties (or bunsies as we call them in our house). That pic is too cute. Jacob looks so tall next to little Aidan. Makes me so excited for our number 2 and to see you guys in three weeks!!! Love you.

The Process said...

So cute! Can't wait to meet those little boys!

Anonymous said...

So, when I really should be working I'm looking at Krissy and Greger Svensson's blog, which leads me to the Nordlund's blog, which leads me to yours! It's so exciting to see your boys! I hope you are all well. I'd love to catch up, especially since I haven't seen you since graduation!
Meegan Dugan Bassett