Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The next generation

Last Saturday, my mom, the boys and I headed out to Maricopa, AZ to visit some very good family friends.  My oldest (we've been friends for 32 years!!  No joke!) and one of my closest friends, Tiffany, was up with her family from Sierra Vista to see her sister Tamara and her 9 month old niece Jonnee.  This is the first time the family has met Ronan too.  It was a blast to hang out with everyone and for the kiddos to be together.

Jonnee meets Ronan . . .
 Mmmm, tasty!  

Auntie Tiffany and Ronan

Grammie Kathy and Jonnee

Auntie Tiffany gets a kiss from Jonnee and keeps Ronan out of the sun!

Super cute puppy - "Fitz" enjoys some sun

Jonnee's cute little pudgy hands and feet - just want to eat em!

Forget you Auntie Tiffany, I'm hungry and want more baby!!

Mmmm, dessert . . .

When we were kids, each time we were all together (my sister and me, my cousins and Tiff and Tam) our moms (probably mostly my mom, being a picture freak - I suppose the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ) would take the infamous "Stair Step" photos.  We would all line up from tallest to shortest, or at least something that resembles that, for a picture.  My mom and I both thought it would be fun to do that with the next generation.  Here is our shot at that . . .

The boys looked thrilled, don't they?  Those expressions stayed that way for all the pictures.  At least Jonnee had fun!

The original "Stair Step" photos

L-R: Tamara, Angela holding Brandy, Lorissa, Tiffany, Luke, Josh K and Josh

L-R: Josh, Tiffany, Angela, Luke, Tamara and Lorissa
Aren't we stylin'?

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