Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Last Wednesday and Friday we had the awesome privilege to hang out with some great friends from Boston.  Amy and her girls, Heidi and Shiloh came into to town for a family obligation and were able to squeeze us in, not once, but twice!!  (It may have been more, but my boys came down with a nasty stomach bug :-( )  We met and had a picnic lunch at the railroad park and met up with her entire family at the zoo.  Amy and I were also able to squeeze in some "no kid" time to actually catch up.  I love our times together, with and with out the kids.  Thanks Amy!  Everyone really enjoyed seeing each other and we wish we could see them more!
*Matt, we missed seeing you!!

Having some crazy fun eating lunch at the Railroad park!
(Sorry Jacob is so dark)

The kiddos riding the train
L:R-Aidan, Jacob, Shiloh and Heidi

Heidi really had fun on the train

Aidan is contemplating life on his train ride . . .

And this cutie is Shiloh chillin' at the zoo

"So, you come here often?"


"Dude, she's with me - step back"


Amy's father-in-law and good friend of ours, Paul Ulrickson, was also in town and able to join us at the zoo.  He walked just the right pace for the boys - fast.

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Mark said...

Cute pics. Glad you guys got time to hang out.