Monday, December 29, 2008

Decorating Grammie and Papa's tree

I have LOTS of catching up to do . . . this will be the first of many Christmas posts.  From December 12 . . .

Every year we go to the Davis side and help decorate my parents tree.  It's a fun tradition.  And it's always entertaining, whether it be the little boys making us laugh or the big boys making us groan.  Although this year, the big boys seemed to be on better behavior. :-)

Aidan and Pooh, just chillin' waiting for the go ahead to decorate.

Aidan decorating

"Just take the stinking picture so I can get back to decorating and quit asking me to smile!"

Many of the ornaments ended up on the same branch.  I thought it was cute.

Aunt Riss and Uncle Doug being silly!

Aidan hitchin' a ride from Aunt Riss

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