Friday, July 25, 2008

Master Climber

So, our second born is giving us a run for our money.  This child, who can't walk down the hallway without tripping and falling at least three times, seems to have a super power when it comes to climbing.  He will climb on anything and everything - and hasn't gotten hurt once!  (knock on wood)  It's actually very exhausting, for me that is.  Below are a few instances of his super power.    Now I know how strange objects, like socks and dimes, have made their way into Flicka's bowl.  I did move the wooden chair that Jacob is standing on after this climb.  And notice the chairs on the dining room table - those have been that way for a long time (except when we eat), but now he can climb up in his booster seat and then on the table.  Ugh.  The picture of him on the piano actually occurred while I was typing this.  Lovely.  He climbs on the couch, then onto the end table and then onto the piano.  How does he not get hurt?  And what is the solution?  Remove all furniture from the house, lock him in a padded room or sign him up for rock climbing?  Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Anyway, the last pictures are just of him using a mixing bowl for a hat.  I thought it was funny how he left it on while playing with the tractor.  He is a wild and crazy kid!


Knights said...

Its so funny that Jacob just follows right along. You got some great photos - really shows his mastery :-)

Farmor said...

It's in the Thomas gene pool and usually the lifeguard is busy with other mommy duties. Their uncle Travis has been pulled off the top of the refrigerator. Their daddy pulled a cloth Merimekko hanging off the wall and climbed up that to get out of his crib as it balanced precariously half in and half out.
Funny how these scenes are never what mommys picture as they hold their precious little newborns.

The Ulrickson Fam said...

Okay, when did Aidan become such a little boy? WOW!