Thursday, July 17, 2008

9 weeks and 4 days

Yesterday I had my second doctors appointment.  Aside from being sick, everything is going well.  Only I can still gain weight despite vomiting  every day.  (Not that I am really complaining - I understand that it is important and it was only 1 pound.  I just found it humorous)  I also was able to the heartbeat - 170 bpm.  What an amazing sound!  A sound that I will be able to hear often.  A good friend of ours has a doppler and offered it to us for this pregnancy.  I am very excited about that.  Thanks again Tam!  Not much more to report this go round.  There really isn't anything too exciting to share yet at this stage - I figure posting about how many times a day I vomit isn't really something everyone wants to hear about.  I did start a generic form of Zofran, 8mg.  It seemed to help a bit this morning with nausea, but I still threw up my entire lunch.  Pizza is now on my list of "does not come back up easy."  I'm still hopeful - if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.  Thanks again for all of your notes of congratulations and thoughts and prayers - I really appreciate it!  I we could all just pray this nausea would end, that would be awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Hey A.
I had horrible morning (afternoon/night) sickness with Sanne (I think it was the progesterone shots I had to take) and didn't feel like Zofran did a great job of getting rid of it either.

Two things that helped me: sour altoids and barf bands (I think they are called something else but they are little bands you wear on your wrist that hit your pressure point) . .

That and the motto "sick mom equals healthy baby" : )