Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sucker Lovin'

Aidan has recently discovered that he loves suckers!  He has only had about a total of one and a half suckers and it will definitely be a special treat - one because he really doesn't need any additional sugar in his system (he's hard enough to slow down!) and two because the sticky mess isn't so fun to clean up. :-)  Jacob also enjoys them, but not nearly as much as Aidan.  Here are some photos of Aidan enjoying his new love . . .

*the messy face is from our casserole dinner, not the sucker

I love my new tasty treat!

You think you can get my sucker away from me . . .go ahead and try it!

The sugar is starting to kick in and I LOVE it!!

This is SO good!

Devouring my delicious sucker!


Another fine digitally impaired product said...

Cute! Aidan looks so much like Jacob in a couple of these photos :)

Knights said...

Thats fun! Aidans got Jacobs smile in one of the photos - they are totally brothers. No need to test their DNA, hehehe j/k