Friday, April 11, 2008

We Love Baths!!

So much that we climb in fully clothed - shoes 'n all!  And of course it happens on a night when it's already past bed time and I planned on a quick bath.  We had just gotten home from Cody's softball game, which the boys got super dirty at, and I was getting, what I thought would be a quick bath together.  I went to grab something and when I turned back around, SOMEONE had made their way into the bath.  So I learned two very important things today. 1. Aidan can climb in the bath tub on his own now.  2.  Aidan has no problem climbing in the bath tub with or without clothes on.  It was pretty funny.

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The Ulrickson Fam said...

Love this post! So funny. Gotta love those water boys. BTW, we've been doing Heidi's bath only like 3 times a week since you left- so nice to not do it everyday! She likes it too, so yeah.