Thursday, March 20, 2008

It only took 2 years and 4 months . . .

 . . . for Jacob's hair to be long enough for his first hair cut!  Finally I decided it was time.  His cute curls were getting close to being cute mullet curls, that is if a mullet can still be cute - I don't know.  SO, we made the call and set up an appointment last night at Lolilocks.  It was really a great place.  Very kid friendly.  Jacob did really well.  He didn't particularly love it, but in between the photos I was able to talk to him about the zoo, or friends and he would sit still.  He never cried, just squirmed a little in the chair.  Oh, it also helped to have him squirt me with the spray bottle!   I have the before, after and in betweens.  There are quite a few pictures, as per usual, it was just so cute and funny, I couldn't leave many out.  Enjoy!

Before the cut

Back of hair before the cut

Pickin' out the right seat - a car of course!

Not really diggin' the spray bottle

Ahh!  I don't like this!

Check out that lip!

Already asking, "all done, all done?"

Ah, no touching please!

Spraying mama with the spray bottle helped!

Oh yeah, now were having fun!

Oh, no we're not- she's back!

And with clippers!
(They only tickled and were not loud at all!)

Mama, I am going to get you for this!!

Oh, we really are all done - that wasn't so bad!

Safe at home afterwards, with a cookie crumb face and a very handsome haircut!

And finally the back


Knights said...

Thats adorable! Can't wait to see him tonight :-)

The Ulrickson Fam said...

So cute!! Now I am totally motivated to do it...maybe tomorrow will be the day for Heidi! Did you save his sweet locks? What a handsome little guy.

The Becker Bunch said...

I LOVE IT...what a handsom little kid!! Keat has had like 2 dozen haircuts...but I fear Lilee will be bald until she is 20!!:)