Sunday, March 02, 2008

Help! Suggestions please

This mornings revelation about myself: I am lacking in a major area of American culture.  (Probably more than one area, but we'll just focus on one at a time for now . . .)  As I grew up, I loved to read.  Eventually life got busier and there were so many other things I would have rather done than sit down and read.  In school, I never seemed to take/have the classes that incorporated any good American Classics.  Well, the reading bug has bitten and I have decided to try and tackle the long list of  Classic novels.  However, I am hoping to get a few suggestions of some of the best to really get me back into reading.  If you wouldn't mind, please feel free to share your favorites.  Thank you!

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The Becker Bunch said...

Start small...Where the Red Fern Grows, To Kill a Mockingbird(AWESOEM) some others I like are The Great Gatsby, Red Badge of Courage, The Scarlett Letter, Grapes of Wrath, and then it's not AMERICAN literature...but these are great too...Pride and Predjudice, Heart of Darkness, Great Expectations, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crime and Punishment!!! Good make me want to read again...I haven't in FOREVER!!