Friday, May 11, 2007

Fun in the sun

For those who live in Arizona, you know what's coming. For those who don't - it's that time again . . . Time to get used to driving while attempting to keep your legs and bums off the scalding hot seat, then after not succeeding in that, peeling your legs and bum off the car seats; not being able to touch the steering wheel for the first half hour you are in the car; to the way it feels like you are walking into a giant oven every time you walk outside, and to the fear that we may just surpass the heat record of 122 set in 1990. There are some pluses, believe it or not. We usually have some pretty incredible thunderstorms and it means it time to bust out the sprinkler and all of the pool toys! Jacob had his first sprinkler experience last week and loved it. Aidan had fun watching his brother, dreaming of the time he'll be able to join him.

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