Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pillow Talk

3:30amish - feeding time . . .nothing unusual. 3:56ish - back to sleep, or so I thought. Aidan had different plans. 4:10amish - go in and try rocking him to sleep - again, different ideas. Aidan was "talking" up a storm! He was making all sorts of cute sounds and flashing all kinds of smiles. I thought, how nice, he just wanted some conversation time with mama. Again, different ideas . . . I realize that Aidan is not having a nice conversation with his mama - he is in a deep conversation with the red and black checked blanket that we are sitting on. Oh well, it's still cute and probably won't last too long. 4:45amish - I'm very tired and find myself not only willing my adorable son to go back to sleep, but also that the red and black checked blanket would stop talking back to him . . .the things you think when you are sleep deprived. 5:00amish - finally back asleep and back in bed - we'll see for how long.


Ryss said...

That was funny to read - not the fact that you didn't get any sleep, but how you told the story!

The Process said...

Don't worry because we were sportin' the same schedule last night except instead of cooing at a blanket Sanne was screaming up a storm. Sigh. Wishing you (and myself) some good afternoon naps!