Thursday, June 23, 2011

Defiants Blitz Bash

A few days ago I hosted a Defiants 4x4 Blitz Bash, introducing the boys and some of their friends to  new motorized trucks.  "These 4x4s are mighty, mini and motorized vehicles that have real gears for power, speed and freewheeling action."  The kiddos had a blast playing with the different tracks and the trucks.  The trucks also work great on any terrain, floors, grass, dirt, the slip and slide, etc.  One nice thing about the trucks is that if you don't want to use the batteries, they can be used like any other truck and moved manually.  Below are some pictures of the fun!

My boys checking out the goodies!!  They couldn't wait to get their hands on them!

The Maximum Mayhhem Set
  The trucks drove up the ramp and then sped down the other side, jumping off of a ramp that could be adjusted in height.  We did discover that the trucks must be in low gear in order to make it up the ramp.
Here is one kiddo attempting to put the pieces together.  At 5 years old, with this particular set, he did need help.

The boys enjoyed putting two of the sets together where the truck would jump off the ramp and land on another set.  Didn't work perfect every time, but they didn't seem to mind.

The Brawl and Fall Set
The trucks can stay on the track or drive up and into the teeter totter functioning bridge.

The Collision Rally Set
This set has 31 pieces  including a 4 piece bridge and flex terrain.  This one seemed to be a big hit with all the kiddos.  As you can see, we had it set up outside.  The bridge was a bit complicated to put together and did not stay together.  None of the kids could put it together either.  It didn't work much better inside.  That didn't bother the kids.  It would bother me as a consumer, not having the product work like it was supposed to.  They were able to put these tracks together.

The Terrain Pack 
The set creates a small terrain for the trucks.  They can be added to the other sets to create more terrain for play.  We set them up separately on this day.  All the kids played with them, just decided to put one picture up.  My son put the two tracks facing each other, to create a bigger set.

Fun, fun, fun!
We had kiddos of all ages playing with the trucks.  They are meant for children ages 4+ due to some choking hazards.  There are grills on the trucks that come off easily.  With the parental supervision, all the kids, ranging from 2 on up had a blast playing with the trucks.

The on/off switch is located by the wheel of the truck, directly below the surfer on my son's shirt.  Off is in the center and high is to one side and low the other.  After some practice, the kids could turn the trucks on and off on their own.  Even my 2 year old.

Overall, I was happy with this product.  My kids could not wait to get up the next morning and play with them again.  It is a product that I would suggest to others.  At this point, I believe they are available at Toys R Us stores.

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