Friday, October 10, 2008

New exhibit at the zoo

The boys, especially Jacob, have a new favorite place at the Phoenix Zoo.  This month they opened a new play space, the Yakulla Caverns Playspace.  It is this cool cavern with stalagmites and stalactites, slides, waterfalls, misters, water pads shooting up water and more.  We first checked it out on Tuesday, not realizing it had so much water.  Normally Jacob isn't really into water play areas - but he loves this one.  He was soaking wet and we had no change of clothes!  Luckily you dry off fast in Arizona.  So, I decided to take them back on Thursday, with swim suits, and they had a blast.  Jacob even ran through the part where a bunch of water shoots up - he never does that!  Aidan pretty much stayed in the cavern or played in  the little (very) mini moat.  Jacob woke up from his afternoon nap asking if we could go back to the zoo.  I wish it could have opened up during the summer though!  Oh well, we will definitely visit it while we can now and will have something to look forward to next summer.


Knights said...

Great photos! They really did have a blast there - so gald I could join you for this :-) I got some cute pics too that I will share. said...

Great pix, Ang- Looks like the boys had a blast!

The Bradfords' in Whetstone :^)